A One-Track Wine

| Working | July 8, 2013

(I’m at a restaurant for a family reunion. There are ten of us, and eight are having wine; I’m not having any. I happen to be talking about my second year studying for my Master’s Degree while the waiter pours wine.)

Waiter: “You’re studying for a Master’s? Then you’re probably over 21. I’ll get you your wine if you give me ID.”

Me: “Well, I am 23, but no thanks, because I don’t drink.”

Waiter: “I can’t give you wine if you don’t give me ID.”

Me: “It’s okay. I do not want wine.”

Waiter: “Your ID, please.”

My Father: “Excuse me? My daughter said no wine.”

Waiter: “If she is over 21, you can’t stop her from drinking.”


Waiter: “No ID, no wine.”

(I ignore the waiter. Five minutes later, the waiter brings over a manager.)

Waiter: “She won’t give me any ID for her wine.”

Me: “I already said that I didn’t want any wine.”

Manager: “Uh, did you hear that she doesn’t want wine? Leave her alone.”

Waiter: “She says she’s 23.”

Manager: “But she doesn’t want wine. So leave it.”

Waiter: *blank face*

Manager: “Come on, let’s go have a talk…”

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