A One-In-Five-Hundred Chance Of Being THAT Customer

, , , | Right | August 14, 2020

I’m the stupid customer in this one. I call my media provider helpline and, sorry to say, I am furious.

Me: “Hi. Two months ago I was offered a new contract with you to get television, phone, and Internet for £40 a month.”

Advisor: “That’s right; I can see that here.”

Me: “Good. Now, when I phoned up to agree to the deal, I was told it was actually £45. I had to get a supervisor involved, but eventually, he agreed to honour the £40 offer.”

Advisor: “Yes, I can see that conversation here.”

Me: “All right, and can you see that I had to call again when I got the contract, as that also said £45?!”

Advisor: “Yes, I can see that. A £5 discretionary discount has been applied for every month.”

Me: “Really? Then why have I just had £45 debited from my bank account?! You agreed to the £40; it should be £40. I’m not paying £45! You guys promised me it’d been fixed!”

Advisor: “Madam, your line rental is £40 as agreed. The £5.00 is for the calls you’ve made.”

Me: “Oh. Yes…”

I apologised profusely, but hey, what are the odds of that month’s call charges adding up to exactly £5.00?

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