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A “One” Fell Off And All For “One”

, , , | Right | May 20, 2022

We have large plastic price numbers above pallets of groceries. A 1 fell off the $11.88 price for paper towels, so it’s now showing $1.88. A customer appears to buy a couple. She asks me to price check her other items. When I get to the towels showing $11.88, she protests that the price on the wall is $1.88. She has even taken a picture.

Me: “I’m sorry, that’s a mistake. One of the ones fell off.”

Customer: “That’s false advertising! You should honor what you show!”

When I explained more, she asked to talk to my manager.

I went to get her, chuckling at the thought that anyone could be so narrow-minded.

I swear I could see my manager’s brain lag while I explained the situation. When we got back, the customer was gone, leaving her packs of towels. According to another customer, she left cursing the store for lying to her.

I hope she’s doing well.

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