A Novel Frame Of Mind

| Romantic | December 11, 2012

(I am participating in National Novel Writing Month, and spend a few nights going to write-ins to socialize and get my word count up. I also tend to eat a lot of sugar during these write-ins. Since it’s right after Halloween, the people in charge of the write-ins bring tons of candy. My boyfriend usually waits up for me, and to encourage me I set up incentives if I reach certain daily word counts.)

Boyfriend: *excitedly* “You’re home!”

Me: “Yep! I managed quite a few more words this time.”

Boyfriend: “That’s awesome! What was your word count today?”

Me: “About nine thousand.”

Boyfriend: “Well, as agreed, I get to fulfil a few requests for you. What is your first request?”

Me: “Well, there is something we can do.” *crawls onto the bed seductively*

Boyfriend: “Ooh!” *looks hopeful*

Me: “Snuggles!”

(I proceed to snuggle with him under the blankets, giggling madly and repeating ‘snuggles’.)

Boyfriend: *terribly confused* “What have you eaten today?”

Me: “Smarties! So many smarties!”

Boyfriend: “Oh god, I’m doomed.”

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