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A Noticeable Lack Of Noticing

| Related | July 26, 2016

(I’ve recently gotten braces because my teeth were in a position where they were wearing away at each other. At the time of this story, it’s summer holidays, and I’ve had them for a few days. I’ve been babysitting my 10-year-old brother for most of this time.)

Me: *laughing at a joke from a show we were watching*

Brother: “Wait, you have braces?”

(Fast forward a few months, and I’ve cut my waist-length hair short to donate the ponytail. Three days later.)

Brother: “[My Name]?! When did you cut your hair?”

Me: *struggling not to laugh* “Three days ago… Did you seriously not notice until now?”

Brother: “YOU HAVE NO PROOF!” *runs off*

(My brother’s not the most observant person in the world… I hope he never starts driving…)

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