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A Not-So-Super Supervisor

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I’m buying a gift card. The cashier has admitted that she is new and doesn’t know what to do, so she calls someone over. The supervisor who comes is completely dismissive. She tells the cashier that she can just do it herself, gives her a set of instructions, and walks off.

I work with the cashier and she seems almost there, but then, she panics saying the register is frozen. She calls the supervisor back. At first, she’s confused, and then she’s angry.

A manager then comes to take a look.

Manager: “I’m not sure what you’ve done.”

Supervisor: “What did you do? I told you to wait!”

I see that the cashier is close to tears.

Me: *To the manager* “Okay, that’s not what she said. I can even tell you what she told her to do.”

At this, the supervisor starts glaring at me with deer-in-the-headlight eyes. I recount the instructions, and the manager sighs and leans under the counter. He produces a mouse and starts clicking.

Manager: *To the supervisor* “You showed her how to bypass the manager’s menu, but that only works if you’re set up as a supervisor.” *Handing me the gift card* “Here. For free, as thanks. I’ve been wondering how so many gift cards were being sold. That trick was supposed to have been removed years ago.” *To the supervisor* “We’re going to the office.”

I haven’t seen the supervisor there since. I see the cashier at the checkout from time to time. She seems a lot more confident.

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