A Not-So-Straight Line Across The Country

| Working | July 23, 2013

(It is the day after the Supreme Court ruled against DOMA and Prop 8. My same-sex partner and I have previously announced that we are getting married. My junior supervisor has a history of harassing me.)

Junior Supervisor: *yelling to all workers* “Y’all best stay prayed up! There’s a storm coming with all this abomination going on!”

Various Coworkers: “Yes, Lord! Amen!”

(The supervisor approaches me.)

Junior Supervisor: “Y’all going to California to get married? I saw they legalized that mess!”

Me: “It’s not mess, [junior supervisor].”

Junior Supervisor: “You really don’t think so?”

Me: “I surely do not.”

Junior Supervisor: “Hmm. Well, y’all going there?”

Me: “No, we’re going to Connecticut.”

Junior Supervisor: “But I thought California was closer!”

Me: “…what?”

Junior Supervisor: “Yeah! California isn’t far from Hattiesburg!”

Me: “It’s almost 3,000 miles away, [junior supervisor]…”

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