A Nightmarish Scenario

| Learning | May 26, 2014

(I have already graduated from college, but am living and working in the same city as my alma mater, and live with friends who are still students. It is the weekend before finals week.)

Me: “You know the stereotypical dream students have, where you go to an exam for a class you haven’t attended all term and haven’t studied for? I just woke up from that dream.”

Roommate: *laughs* “At least you aren’t a student anymore, and you know it’s just a bad dream! Not like the rest of us, you lucky duck!”

(I check my email, and see one from a former professor of mine.)

Professor: “Dear [class I’ve never taken] students: as promised, here is the list of what you should bring to the final on Monday…”

(I actually screamed, before realizing he had sent the email to the wrong group of students! My roommates laughed at me for the rest of the day.)

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