A Night To Remember In The Morning

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My restaurant is having a competition to increase the number of surveys; the cashier who gets the most positive surveys where they’re mentioned by name will receive a jacket with the company logo. As a result, we’ve all been sure to point out the survey website on the back of the receipt, although our efforts are mostly unsuccessful.

It’s 11:00 am. A new customer walks in: an older man with his wife and family.

Me: “Hi, welcome to [Fast Food Restaurant]. How may I help you?”

Customer: “Good evening!”

Me: *On autopilot* “Good evening, sir.”

Realizing what I have said, I blush.

Customer: “Yes! Thank you so much! Every other cashier I’ve had has complained that ‘it’s not evening.’ But you! You said it right!”

I am thoroughly confused but happy to please the customer.

Me: “Thank you, sir! Now, what may I get for you?”

The customer orders, pays, and is about to take the receipt. I begin to launch into my spiel about the survey, when—

Customer: “Ah, yes! Thank you very much, young lady! You know, you’ve been very polite this whole time; I’m going to have to ask you a personal question.”

Me: “Yes, sir?”

He points to the receipt, where the cashier’s name is. As I’m not using another person’s register, it’s my name.

Customer: “Is this your name, young lady?”

Me: “Yes, sir! It is, and you can use it for the sur—”

Customer: “Perfect! Now I can fill out the survey!”

He fills out the survey in front of me as he waits for his food. I’ve been smiling the whole transaction; it’s early morning and I’m chipper on caffeine.

Customer: “Are you smiling because I’m giving you five stars, young lady?”

Me: “I’m just smiling in general, sir.”

The customer laughs as though that response is hilarious, and then leans over the counter to talk to my coworkers as his food comes out.

That guy was STRANGE, but he made my day! If there are two takeaways from this, I’d say that number one is that just a pinch of humor can really brighten up someone’s day, and number two is to be sure to fill out the receipt surveys. Your cashier will appreciate it!

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