A Nice Gesture To Make You Fall Off Your Chair

, , , | Hopeless | September 8, 2016

(I am on my way to work early morning when an older black woman in an electric wheelchair approaches.)

Woman: “Excuse me, can you help? My chair is low on power and I need to get to an appointment. Could you push my wheelchair as it doesn’t have enough power to get up the curb ramps of the sidewalks. It’s only a few blocks.”

(The few blocks turns out to be a little over half a mile in the heart of Skid Row, where the sidewalks are blocked by people living in tents or just on the sidewalks themselves, out in the open. What is left of the charge in her chair gives out about halfway to her destination. If you’ve ever tried pushing an electric wheelchair with no charge, you know it’s like pushing a car with no tires or rims. When we get to the destination she offers me $5 for helping her.)

Woman: “Here, take this.”

Me: “No, hold onto it in case you need it later.”

(There are several people already at the clinic gate, waiting for it to be opened. They see me, a pasty older white guy pushing the lady in her chair. After I wish her a good day and good luck, one of the other people waiting in line yells to me:)

Person: “Hey, Miss Daisy! You’re doing it wrong!”

(I thought I would pee my pants from laughing!)

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