A New Window Without The Pane

| Related | April 22, 2013

(My father is building our house. Since we have to move from our rental quite quickly, we move into our new house while it is partly unfinished. It is liveable, but only has one door and one window, both on the bottom floor of the two-storey house. During our house-warming party, we have bunch of guests over, many of whom smoke.)

Mom: “Dear! You need to do something about this smoke! It’s like Chicago in here!”

Dad: “Later.”

Mom: Dear! Now! It’s so stuffy in here! Can’t you pry that window downstairs open or something?!”

Dad: “Later!”

Mom: “NOW!”

(With a sigh, he sets down his drink, and goes downstairs. Moments later, we hear the loud roar of a chainsaw. Dad walks upstairs, goes to a wall, and proceeds to carve a square hole in the wall, then boots it out with his foot, letting the pieces fall to the ground below. He then turns the saw off, sets it down, and turns to my mom.)

Dad: “THERE! You have your f****** window! Now let me have my drink!”

(The next day, as a gag, my Mom’s boss gave her a housewarming present: Windex and paper towels for her ‘new window’! Dad did eventually put a real window there!)

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