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A New Hope Anew

| Related | November 16, 2014

(My dad always yells at the end of ‘Star Wars’. I’m sitting quietly in my room one day when…)

Dad: *on the other side of the house* “WHAT ABOUT THE WOOKIEE?!”

(Familiar with this I stop what I’m doing and go through to the living room.)

Me: “Still not giving Chewie a medal?”

Dad: “It’s just not fair! He was just as involved as anyone!”

Me: “Know what’s really unfair? That you shout at the end of the film, instead of the start. I’d have watched it with you!”

(Several months later, I’m once again sitting quietly in my room.)


(I go through, and the opening words are flying through space.)

Dad: “I thought I’d yell early this time. Want to watch Star Wars?”

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