A New Grade Of Teacher

| Learning | March 15, 2015

(I have just started a job as a first grade teacher. I’m coming in as a mid-year replacement, so I’m in and out of the filing room checking my students’ files to catch up. Each shelf is occupied by one entire grade. Later that day:)

Secretary: “[My Name], you need to be putting your files back in alphabetical order when you’re finished with them.”

Me: “Oh, I’m sorry! I thought I had.”

(I go back to the filing room, but my files are alphabetized, just the way I left them. I shrug it off and leave to do some other work. Later:)

Secretary: “[My Name], I was just back in the filing room and I TOLD you, you NEED to put your files back in ALPHABETICAL ORDER.”

Me: “I did! I just checked on them. Didn’t you see? I have [last name that starts with A], [last name that starts with B]…”

(I list the names of my students in alphabetical order.)

Secretary: “…oh. I thought you had the whole shelf.”

Me: “You thought I had taken over the entire first grade by myself?”

Secretary: “Well, when you put it that way…”

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