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A Name In Bad Standing

| Related | August 5, 2016

(While stationed at Marine Corps Base Camp Lejeune, a senior officer in another unit is one of the worst people I meet in my entire military career. He is a small-minded, arrogant bully and epitomized everything enlisted personnel hate about officers, and junior officers hate about senior officers. Everyone who knows him loathes him. He also has a fairly uncommon last name. Once day I happen to call the training center for another service branch and have a civil service worker answer the phone.)

Civilian: “Training Command, [First Name] [Unusual Last Name] speaking.”

Me: *after introducing myself and stating why I called* “Say, that’s a unique name. Do you happen to have a relative in the Marine Corps?”

Civilian: “Yes, Lt. Colonel [Unusual Last Name] is my cousin.”

(There is a brief moment of silence while I try to think of something pleasant, or at least innocuous, to say about the bastard.)

Civilian: “I can’t stand him either.”

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