A Mumble Stumble

, , , , | Working | June 1, 2018

(I am completing an application via phone call.)

Advisor: “Who is your next of kin?”

Me: “My mother, [Mother].”

Advisor: “What is her address?”

Me: “[Address].”

Advisor: “Hmm, I can’t find that.”

Me: “It’s in Nigeria, so you may need to enter it manually.”

Advisor: “Ah—”

Me: “You should also note that her first language is Arabic. She was raised in Lebanon and didn’t take to well to other languages. You may need a translator in the event she needs to be contacted.”

Advisor: “Okay, I’ll just note that down.” *mumbling to herself* “She’s a lesbian n***** who doesn’t speak… Done. Okay, next: references.”

Me: “…”

(The call didn’t last much longer, after she mumbled considerably worse things while entering my references. I got in touch with her manager and was assured the matter would be handled. I have yet to hear anything else.)

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