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A Mouthful Of Awful Falafel Waffle Is A Real Mouthful

| Romantic | November 7, 2013

Boyfriend: “I don’t understand how you don’t like Greek food.”

Me: “I just don’t. I’ve tried it, and I’ll continue to try it. But I’ve never had any Greek food that I’ve liked.”

Boyfriend: “But I love falafel.”

Me: “I think it’s awful.”

Boyfriend: “Awful falafel?”

Me: “That sounds like the ‘Awful Waffle.'”

Boyfriend: “Awful waffle falafel?”

Me: “No, no. Awful falafel waffle, because a falafel waffle would probably be awful.”

Boyfriend: “Awful falafel waffle?”

Me: “Awful falafel waffle.”

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