A Mouth Fool Of South

| FL, USA | Working | April 9, 2013

(My husband and I have just moved from Missouri to Florida. We both have a slight country accent, but nothing too distinct.)

Employee: “Hey there, did you all find everything today?”

My Husband: “Yep, found everything today.”

Employee: “Ooo, an accent. Where are you guys from?”

Me: “We just moved here from Missouri.”

Employee: “Oh, that’s cool.”

(She continues to make small talk with us as she rings out our items and takes our payment. She hands me my change and receipt.)

Employee: “I got to say, you both speak English really well.”

Me: “…Um, yeah. Thanks, I think. Not sure why I wouldn’t, though.”

Employee: “Well, I know that English is a hard language to learn. That’s why most foreigners don’t bother to learn it, but I’m glad you all did; it’ll make life easier for you. Welcome to America, by the way. Hope you enjoy your stay!”

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