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A Mother’s Touch

| Related | February 15, 2013

(I am a gay male. We’re at a family night, and I’m with my two older brothers and their families as well as my boyfriend. My six-year-old nephew brings up an interesting topic during supper.)

Nephew: *to me* “Today, I was talking about you and [boyfriend], and my friend’s mom said I shouldn’t spend time with you anymore.”

Sister-in-law: “Why not, sweetie?”

Nephew: “Because they’ll turn me into a dirty gay. But you’re not dirty so…”

Mom: “Don’t worry honey, your uncle and [boyfriend] aren’t dirty, and they don’t turn you gay.”

Me: “Yeah, moms do that.”

(The table erupted into laughter, and apparently when Monday came around he actually told his friends mother that it’s moms who make people gay.)

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