A Most Unrewarding Rewards System

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I have a popular coffee chain’s app that I use to order through due to the health crisis. Said coffee chain offers reward points, up to 400 points, which can be used for a free drink of your choice or other purchases. At this point, I have nearly 400 points due to not really using my points much, maybe once every two weeks to get myself a free drink. I order my usual drink through the app, only to find afterward that nearly half of my points are now missing from my app. I contact their customer support:

Me: “Hi there. I ordered my drink today through the app using my balance, but half of my points were removed without reason. I didn’t use them whatsoever, so why were they removed?”

Representative: “I see that you received 23.8 points for your purchase today.”

Me: “But I didn’t use any of my points, and I had nearly 400.”

Representative: “It does look like 150 points were used to get a free blended beverage two days ago.”

Me: “I know, but that was a part of the promotion for 150 points, and my points balance never changed afterward. The price for a free drink is the same as the promotion points.”

Representative: “I’m not seeing any purchases using them today, either. Your Points Balance is 291. Thank you.”

Me:Exactly. What I’m trying to ask is why they went down. They were at 380 today, before I ordered, and then after I ordered, they were at 291!”

Representative: “If you have a screenshot showing the 380, I could look into this further for you.”

Me: “How am I supposed to take a screenshot of something that happened that I have no control of, that I wouldn’t know would happen? It’s not like I’m a crazy person who takes pictures of their points to show off to everyone. All I know is that before I ordered, I had 380, and now I’ve lost at least 100 points for no reason. It’s not like I could know I would lose the points, so why would I take a picture of my points?”

Representative: “We aren’t seeing any points being removed. That is why a screenshot would prove that more points were there before the purchase was made.”

Me: “Okay, I want some logic here. Why would I take a screenshot before a problem occurred? I didn’t know the problem would occur! If I had the power of foresight, I would use it for more than getting my hard-earned points back!”

I didn’t hear anything for half an hour, and then the chat was terminated. I still don’t have an explanation as to where my points went, nor how I am supposed to take a screenshot of something in the past.

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