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A Most Unreceptive Receptionist, Part 14

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It’s not my job, but a customer has bought a specific piece of delicate scientific equipment and my boss asks if I would mind hand-delivering it. They book my train and I set off for the day, playing parcel delivery service.

I get to the reception area and the receptionist speaks without looking up.

Receptionist: “Take a seat.”

Me: “Oh, no, I don’t work here. I’m here to—”

Receptionist: “Take a seat, please.”

I sit down, a little annoyed. It’s been a long trip and it will be a long trip back. All I need to do is hand over the parcel. I wait and I wait in the empty reception… until I’ve had enough. I grab my phone and message my boss.

Me: “Hey, can someone message [Customer]? The receptionist has had me waiting for half an hour. There isn’t even anyone here.”

Boss: “Really? Okay, sure. I will call him now.”

Not long after:

Boss: “Okay, he is on his way.”

The customer arrives.

Customer: *To the receptionist* “Is anyone here to see me? As I mentioned, I have a very important delivery today.”

Receptionist: *Suddenly very sweet* “Oh, no, sorry. We have been rushed off our feet but no one has asked for you.”

Me: “I would have done, if you had actually spoken to me.”

Receptionist: “Well, you need to come to the counter for me to know you want to speak to me.” *Fake laughs*

Me: “I did half an hour ago; you sent me away.” *To the customer* “Here you are, sir. All your documents are inside. I will need one signature from you.”

Receptionist: “These delivery companies, they don’t know how to behave. I mean, sitting there, and then trying to blame me. I mean…”

Me: “I don’t work for a delivery company. I work for the supplier who is giving your company a very good discount on hardware that I understand you desperately need.”

Customer: “We do, and thank you again for taking time out of your busy day to bring this to us.”

Me: “My pleasure. If you will excuse me, I am already running very late.”

I left somewhat satisfied. We did get a call from a very senior member of the customer’s business later, and they apologised profusely and promised to never let it happen again.

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