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A Most Unreceptive Receptionist, Part 12

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I started a small company with a friend. As it started to do well, we hired some staff, and eventually, we had to move into a proper office. After a few years, an opportunity to open a second site became available. I spent my time between the two sites for a while, and then almost exclusively at the second, getting it up and running.

It was a lot of work and I worked some stupid hours, but it would be worth it when it took off properly.

I arrive at the first site to catch up with the other owner around midday, and I’m ignored by the receptionist who then tuts at me when I grab a coffee. I make my way inside and to the office.

Me: “What’s the new receptionist’s problem?”

Co-Owner: “Oh, her. Yeah, she has been skating on thin ice for a while. I’m just waiting for the recruitment agency to call back to find a replacement.”

Me: “Good. Can’t have potential customers facing that.”

Co-Owner: “Did I tell you about the complaint?”

Me: “No?”

Co-Owner: “She was adamant about it and threatened to go to the papers, of all things. Made a right scene and wouldn’t let it go.”

Me: “What was the complaint about?”

Co-Owner: “You! She said it’s not fair how you come and go as you please, taking the coffee.”

Me: “The cheek. I pay for the bloody coffee for the staff, and does she get that I work sixty-hour weeks?!”

Co-Owner: “I tried to explain. You can see why we want to get rid of her.”

Me: “Please let me break the news to her.”

The agency found us a temp that could start in a few days. I made the trip specifically to handle the old receptionist. She tried to argue with me before she knew what the meeting was about. We gave the temp a full-time role as they got to grips so quickly.

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