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A Most Opportune Theft

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My friend and I were exchanging crazy travel experiences we’ve had with scammers, thieves, etc.

My friend told me this story. He was traveling by subway, and while waiting for his train, he walked away to look at the train-line map. When he noticed his train had come, he quickly hopped on the train and sat down.

As the train was leaving, he realized he’d left his suitcase behind and started panicking about what to do next. Then, across from him sat this guy with his suitcase! He quickly confronted the guy, who denied stealing his bag. After some arguing and with the threat of getting the police involved, the thief eventually conceded the bag.

I then had to point out to my friend that if the would-be thief hadn’t grabbed his bag, giving him the opportunity to get it back, it certainly would have been long gone by the time he could have made it back. So, really, the thief did him a favor!

My friend didn’t appreciate my point of view. Ha!

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