A Moment Frozen In Time

| Learning | May 28, 2014

(My class is gathering for the final exam. The professor is running late and we are all starting to feel the pressure. A few of my friends have been obsessed with the movie ‘Frozen’ recently, so to relieve the tension one friend pulls out his phone and starts playing the YouTube parody ‘F*** It All.’)

Phone: “The clock ticks by too fast this time…”

(Our row goes quiet to listen.)

Phone: “F*** it all! F*** it all! Can’t study this anymore!”

(The entire lecture hall of 90 students goes silent to hear. My friend put his phone on full volume and holds it aloft like a torch. As the song ends, the room fills with nervous chatter again, but in that moment, we all stood together in our frustration with finals.)

Me: “I was sure that [Professor] was going to come in during the middle of that…”

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