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A Misdial Trial

| Right | April 10, 2017

(The company I work at often receives calls from people looking for free credit report. When this happens we offer to give them the correct number that they need to reach the right people. Usually when we do this people either say thank you or insist that they’re calling the number they were given originally and that we need to solve their problem.)

Me: “[Company], how can I help you?”

Caller: *speaking very angrily* “Hi, I’m calling because there are charges I don’t recognize on my card. I called [Credit Card Company] to dispute them and they said the charges came from [Credit Reporting Company]!”

Me: “Oh, I’m sorry to hear that. Unfortunately you’ve called [Company], not [Credit Reporting Company]. I can give you the number you need to reach [Credit Reporting Company], though.”

Caller: “I already have that number! It’s—”

(The caller proceeds to list off the actual number he needs to call to reach Credit Reporting Company. At this point I’m very surprised, and I do my best to continue the call normally.)

Me: “That’s the correct number for [Credit Reporting Company]. Unfortunately, we’re not [Credit Reporting Company]. You—”

Caller: “What?! Well how the hell can that be?”

Me: “Perhaps you dialed the wrong number when making your call?”

Caller: “No, I most certainly did not! I dialed [correct number for Credit Reporting Company]!”

(At this point a coworker tries to jump in to help.)

Coworker: “Do they need the number for [Credit Reporting Company]?”

Me: “He already has it.” *I then address the man directly* “Again, I’m sorry for the trouble but we’re not [Credit Reporting Company].”

Caller: “Well… okay, then.”

(He hangs up very angrily before I can offer to confirm that he has the right number, for his peace of mind.)

Me: “…okay, then.”

Coworker #2: “Someone misdialed us even though they had the right number? That’s a new one!”

(At that point we were all pretty confused, and I felt bad because there was really no way to tell an already irate person that their fingers must have slipped while dialing. We were afraid that he’d hit redial and reach us again, at which point the whole thing would have just been worse. Thankfully, he didn’t – I guess he figured out his mistake on his own!)

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