A Million (Dollar) To One Chance

| Friendly | November 16, 2016

(My seventh-grade science teacher is very fun. For our first project we need to go out and find bugs, measure them, take their picture, and put a slide up describing about twenty bugs. My best friend and I are out bug hunting at a dog park with her dogs. The dogs tend to run through the grass and scare bugs out into the path, but most hop away before we get there. We are on a desperate search for a grasshopper and we have been looking for hours)

Me: “I wish [Dog] would scare out a grasshopper; then I can catch it with my little glass.” *which has been useless so far*

(Lo and behold, just after I said that, her dog runs through the grass making a grasshopper jump out. I quickly catch it in my jar.)

Best Friend: *shaking my shoulders* “Quick, wish for a million dollars!”

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