A Meeting Defeating

| Working | July 17, 2014

(I apply for a job with a popular bookstore chain and get a call that the manager wants to interview me. I am told to arrive at a certain time and let an employee know I have arrived.)

Me: *approaching an employee* “Excuse me, [Manager] is expecting me for a job interview. Could you let him know?”

Employee: “Sure.” *leaves, but returns rather quickly* “I’m sorry; [Manager] is in a meeting right now. It may be an hour or so.”

Me: “That’s fine.”

(I go sit in the cafe to wait. Two hours go by and I still don’t see the manager.)

Me: *approaching same employee* “Hi, me again. Is the meeting over with?”

Employee: *after checking* “I’m sorry they’re still in the meeting. He said it should be another two hours.”

(Really needing this job I decide to wait again. Occasionally I check in with the employee about the meeting and each time told just a bit longer. Finally after six hours of waiting I get fed up.)

Me: “I don’t mean to sound rude but could you tell [Manager] to come out here so we can reschedule or something? I’ve been here a long time.”

Employee: “Oh, [Manager] left two hours ago. The meeting ended and he went home.”

(Needless to say I never got the interview, or the job.)

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