A Meaty Amount Of Appreciation

, | Hopeless | April 11, 2016

(I work at the deli counter in a grocery store during the post-church rush on a Sunday. A family comes up to the counter and orders a couple half-pounds of a couple of lunch meats and politely leave. After the rush subsides a few minutes later, I decide to take my lunch break and sit in the cafe. I then see the family sit down in a booth near me and start to make sandwiches with the meats I cut for them. We notice each other but don’t exchange any words until a few minutes later.)

Customer: “You see that young lady? She’s the one who cut up the meats for us.”

Customer’s Granddaughter: “Thank you!”

Me: “Oh, well, I’m glad you’re enjoying them.”

Customer: “We are. I think we’re going to come here every Sunday from now on and look for you.”

Me: “Oh, well, I don’t work every Sunday morning, but if I’m here I’ll be glad to help.”

Customer: “We’ll look for you, then.”

(We don’t talk to each other for the rest of my break, but that small thank you helped me stay positive for the rest of my shift. Thank you, random family, and I hope to see you again!)

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