A Master Class In Relationships

| College & University|Canada | Romantic | March 20, 2013

(I am 5’4″, chubby, and have small breasts. I’m super sensitive about my weight and my chest, and I have horrible self-esteem. I am walking through college to pick up my boyfriend from class. I hear a conversation between my boyfriend and two of his classmates.)

Classmate #1: “Man, I can’t believe you’re dating [my name].”

Classmate #2: “She’s so short. I like girls with longer legs.”

Classmate #1: “And a bit less meat to them.”

Classmate #2: “But more meat just below the neck.”

(Both of them are laughing as they talk, and my boyfriend has been silent.)

Classmate #2: “What do you think [boyfriend]?”

(My boyfriend stands up slowly, letting his chair scrape along the ground.)

Boyfriend: “[My name] is the most wonderful girl on the planet. She never complains, never gets angry, and never chooses herself over others. She is sweet, always cooks my favorite foods, and is an angel. If you two say another bad thing about her, I will make you wish you’d been born mute. Do you understand?”

(I can’t hear anything, but I assume the two boys nod.)

Boyfriend: “As for her boobs, anything more than a handful is a waste anyways.”

(He sees me outside the door crying. He picks me up and carries me to my car. I love him so much, and he made me actually like myself!)

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