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A Man Out Of Time

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We are hiring for a new admin assistant. There’s a good showing and we manage to get them booked in all on the same day. The first interviewee doesn’t show but calls in fifteen minutes later to see if there is any point in turning up. We tell him that if he is interested, we might be able to fit him in after the next interview. He says fine.

The next interview is going well, and the first guy shows up about ten minutes before we planned to end, so we tell him it will be about ten minutes. The interview goes on a little longer than expected, but nothing too long. 

We call to reception.

Me: “Could you please let [Interviewee] out and bring in the first guy?”

Receptionist: “He left.”

Me: “What?”

Receptionist: “I told him it would be about ten minutes, and after ten minutes was up, he tried to let himself in.”

Me: “Really? What then?”

Reception: “He became very restless and kept asking every minute or so when he would be let in. He stormed off in the end saying something about being busy and not keeping waiting.”

Me: “Please add him to the ‘do not hire’ list.”

We keep the name of every candidate we have previously interviewed, especially when it is such a bad experience. Apparently, he didn’t realise this, as he applied twice more for other roles. He never got an interview.

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