A Man Or A Maus

| Learning | May 29, 2015

(We are in English class, with a teacher well-known throughout the school for being easy-going. I hear a snippet of a conversation from the other side of the room.)

Student #1: *in a silly voice* “‘Mouses’ are cute!”

(The teacher suddenly turns to him.)

Teacher: “Get out!”

Student #1: “What? Why?”

Teacher: “I will not tolerate that in my classroom!”

Student #1: “But—”

Teacher: “Out!”

(To avoid further shouting he leaves to stand outside. At this point the whole class is shocked.)

Student #2: “Miss, just happened?”

Student #3: “What did [Student #1] say?”

Teacher: *half talking to us, half muttering to herself* “There’s no excuse for anti-Semitism. I hear people using ‘Jew’ as an insult all the time. It’s awful.”

(The students who were talking to Student #1 look at each other.)

Student #4: “Miss, what do you think he said?”

Teacher: *slightly confused* “Mouses are Jews?”

Student #4: “He said ‘Mouses are CUTE’!”

Teacher: Oh, my god!

(She hurries to the door to let him back in and begins apologizing profusely. Thankfully he understood!)

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