A Major Reaction To A Minor

, , , | Legal | September 8, 2019

(My husband has been receiving several scam calls a day. After reading a few stories on here, I told him to tell the caller that he was a minor.) 

Husband: “I got a scam call again yesterday and I tried your trick of getting put on the do-not-call list. I told him I was fourteen.”

Me: “Oh? How’d it go?”

Husband: “The caller told me I could go f*** myself and that I was going to Hell for lying about my age. Then, he yelled that I sounded fifteen–” *my husband is thirty-four and doesn’t in any way sound like a teenager* “–then demanded I give him my Facebook information so he could look me up, and then he continued yelling at me so I put him on mute and let him rant before hanging up. “

Me: “Wow….”

Husband: *laughing* “I thought you said it would work!”

Me: “I didn’t know you’d get an a**hole!”

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