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A Love From The Movies

| Romantic | November 9, 2012

(I work as a bagger in a popular market chain. A customer comes in with her son about my age. They get a huge amount of items and I help them load it to the car. She seems to have back problems.)

Customer: “Hey, [son], do you think we should get a movie for tonight?”

Customer’s Son: “Not much on right now, it being almost Halloween. The only thing good was the [popular comic book based movie].”

Me: *being a total nerd* “Oh, I loved that movie!”

(The customer’s son looks surprised.)

Customer’s Son: “It wasn’t as good as [prequel] though. I just think they took out the story.”

Me: “Oh, I know. [Prequel] was a lot better. It was still pretty good though.”

(We geek out for about five minutes as we load the items into the car. I get back to work when my manager approaches me.)

Manager: “Did you get his number?”

Me: “I don’t think he was that interested.”

Manager: *laughing* “Are you kidding? He’s practically throwing himself at you! You have to admit, he was pretty cute.”

Me: “Yeah he was. It is too late now though.”

(I start to feel sad when I notice my manager smiling stupidly. I turn around to see the son.)

Customer’s Son: “Well, maybe then you will accept my number and maybe you will actually call.”

(We have been together for a month now and have barely been apart for a single day.)

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