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A Lot To Unpack About Her Packing Methods

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I’m checking out at a big box store. Since the customer ahead of me is taking a while, I have the time to load my items onto the belt in groups: frozen items together, toiletries together, etc. The cashier seems new, so I want to make it easier for her — and for me to unpack my bags.

It’s finally my turn. The cashier eyes my reusable bags nervously.

Cashier: “Did you… did you want everything in these bags?”

Me: “If it fits! Anything else, plastic is fine.”

She tosses my reusable bags down to the end and starts scanning… slowly. As my items accumulate in a heap, I pick up one of my bags and start packing it.

Cashier: “No… Wait… I was going to put these in that one.”

Me: “It’s fine, really. I don’t mind bagging my own stuff!”

Cashier: “NO!”

She grabs the bag and begins awkwardly shoving some frozen meals into it.

Cashier: *Looking nervous* “These will go in here.”

Me: “Okay, sure.”

I take the other bag and start putting some toiletries in it.

The cashier then takes those OUT of the bag and methodically stuffs them in the first one.

I’m a bit taken aback and too tired to argue. I figure she has a method to her madness. She’s looking around nervously, so I wonder if a manager has yelled at her for letting a customer bag their own items.

She continues scanning and bagging, but in the most bizarre order: reaching for items of various sizes to play Tetris with the bags. She completely ignores my item groups, putting cleaners in with frozen meals, canned goods in with random lemons or potatoes, cosmetics in with juice, etc.

And she does all of this very slowly… while the line behind me gets longer.

I try a couple of times to help pack things, but she glares at me and ends up rearranging things. Finally, she’s done.

Cashier: “There you go. Got it all in your bags.”

That’s not what I asked, but okay. I paid and lifted the (extremely heavy) bags into the cart.

I’ve never had a cashier fuss at me for trying to help bag. And when I got home, I regretted not insisting on bagging my own items as the bags were difficult to unpack!

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