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A Loose Definition Of Loose Change

, | Related | April 11, 2012

(I send my 2 youngest children to the local shop for some basic groceries. The shop is only at the end of the street, but they have never been there on their own before, so are both excited about their first ‘trip’ unsupervised.)

Me: “Alright, do you have the shopping list?”

Son: “Yes, mum!”

Me: “And you’re sure you don’t need me to come with you?”

Daughter: “No, mum! We can do it!”

(I hand them a £20 note.)

Me: “Alright then. And because I am in a good mood today, if you get any loose change from the shopping, feel free to buy yourselves some sweets.”

Son and Daughter: *in unison* “Wow! Thanks, mum!”

(They both hurry out, and come back about twenty minutes later, far longer than it should have taken. My daughter comes in first.)

Me: “Finally you’re back! The shop is barely fifty feet away. What took you so long?”

Daughter: “We had to make sure to pick the best sweets!”

(I then notice she has about seven chocolate bars crammed into her pocket.)

Me: “How much loose change did you get from the twenty?”

Daughter: “About eighteen!”

Me: “So where is the rest of it?”

(I then spy my son bursting through the door, beaming a proud smile, as he drags a heavy bag full to the brim with chocolate bars through the door.)

Daughter: “What rest of it?”

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