A Long Time Ago In A Grocery Store Far, Far Away

, , | Working | May 27, 2013

(An employee giving out free olive samples at the grocery store.)

Employee: “Hey, you should try some too, they’re really good!”

My Stepfather: “I don’t really like olives, but thanks.”

Employee: “But they are different! They’re cured in oil instead of brine, and have oregano on them to give them a really nice flavour.”

(The employee continues to wax-poetic about the olives until my Stepfather finally agrees to try a small one.)

My Stepfather: “Hey, that’s pretty good. Did you Jedi mind trick me or something?”

Employee: *blank stare*

Me: “These are not the droids you’re looking for?” *hand motion*

Employee: *continues to stare blankly*

(Another employee, [Employee #2], who is stocking shelves behind us and has heard the exchange is nearly on the floor laughing. As we walk away, we hear her trying to explain things to [Employee #1]…)

Employee #2: “Okay, so there is this movie called Star Wars…”

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