A Little Sip Of Love

, | Romantic | September 28, 2016

(I work in a brewery and I usually have different work hours than my girlfriend but she works ten minutes away from my work.)

Me: *texting* “Hey. I ran out of snacks. You mind bringing me some food over?”

Girlfriend: *texting* “Yeah. Sure.”

(Ten to fifteen minutes later.)

Girlfriend: *texting* “Hey. I’m in the tasting room!”

(I run to the tasting room to find her drinking a beer.)

Me: “Hey! Wait, where’s my food?”

Girlfriend: *pulls out a pop-tart* “There you go!”

Me: *realizes* “You just drove here for a beer, huh?”

Girlfriend: “Nooooo…” *takes sip* “It was because I love you!”

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