A Little Punch (Card) Of Kindness

, , , , | Hopeless | August 4, 2016

(That morning I had quite a few things go wrong: my son didn’t want to leave home, my tire pressure light came on, and I didn’t have a chance to eat breakfast or stop for coffee. I’m checking in our first patient of the day, and despite my morning I have a cheerful face for patients.)

Patient: “Do you go to Dutch Bros.?”

Me: “I sure do! It’s my favorite place. “

Patient: “I go there a lot, but I always fill up the punch cards and never use them. Instead I save them and give them to people I find who are nice.”

(The patient handed me a full punch card, which could be redeemed for any size drink you wanted. It truly made my day better, and I greatly enjoyed getting my favorite blended coffee.)

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