A Little Kindness Goes A Foot-long Way

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(I’m standing in line at a sandwich shop that makes your order in front of you. There’s only one person working behind the counter, and there are three groups in front of me. [Customer #1] is not watching her child, who is running around.)

Customer #1: “I’d like a six-inch chicken sandwich on wheat, with [long list of veggies and sauces].”

(The child runs over to the soda fountain and tries to press the buttons. He can’t reach so he starts throwing the lids like Frisbees.)

Customer #1: *glances over at the child and smiles* “What do you want, sweetheart?”

Child: “I want cookies!”

Customer #1: “What kind of sandwich?”

Child: *still throwing the soda lids* “Cookies!”

(Eventually, the mom ends up getting him a turkey sandwich and two cookies before they leave, leaving the soda lids on the floor.)

Customer #2: *looking at her phone* “Yeah, uh… I’d like a… meatball sub.”

Worker: “What kind of bread?”

Customer #2: “Huh?”

Worker: “What kind of bread would you like?”

Customer #2: “Oh. White, I guess.” *looks over at [Customer #3] who is sitting at a table, also looking at his phone* “What kind of sandwich do you want?”

Customer #3: “Huh?”

Customer #2: “What kind of sandwich?!”

Customer #3: “Foot-long!”

Customer #2: *ignoring the worker who’s trying to finish her first sandwich* “What kind of foot-long?!”

Customer #3: “Cold cut!”

(This goes on for a while before they finish their order and leave. [Customer #4] is quiet and fairly polite until they get to the condiments.)

Worker: “I’m sorry; we seem to be out of spicy mustard. I can check in back, if you want.”

Customer #4: “Sure. Thanks.”

(The customer waits until the worker is in the back before taking two dollars out of the tip jar, leaving just a few coins. The worker comes back and finishes the guy’s order before he leaves. She sees the tip jar and honestly looks like she’s about to cry before coming over to me, putting on a smile.)

Worker: “What kind of sandwich would you like today?”

Me: “Just a six-inch meatball sub on white bread, please.”

(The rest of the order goes smoothly until after I’ve paid. The worker hands me a small paper bag that has about five cookies in it.)

Worker: “And here are your cookies.”

Me: “But… I didn’t order any.”

Worker: *smiles* “Your family comes in here all the time, and you’re always super polite. Go ahead. Besides, if nobody takes these we have to throw them out, anyway.”

Me: *smiles, too* “Well, are there any in particular you like?”

Worker: “I like the oatmeal raisin, myself.”

Me: *takes the oatmeal raisin cookies out and hands them to her* “Here, then.”

Worker: *takes them* “I… Thanks.”

Me: “No problem. Hope things get better.”

(I gave her about five dollars for a tip and helped her pick up the soda lids. Just shows you that a little kindness can go a long way sometimes.)

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