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A Little Good Karma Goes A Long Way Down The River

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One day, my partner and I had some time to kill in the city center of Hereford. We didn’t really know [Shop], so we decided to go inside just to see what kind of shop it was.

It turned out that the shop was fundraising for Sports Relief. Sports Relief supports the most vulnerable people in the UK and Africa, such as children who have to act as carers for their parents, women’s shelters, cancer patients, etc. The charity has much support in Britain, and as such, we had already donated through our children’s schools. Also, the fundraising in the shop was a lottery where you could win sports-related prizes, and I had no interest whatsoever in winning tickets for football, rugby, basket, or tennis matches.

However, the young female clerk who was selling the lottery tickets had not only been forced into (I didn’t ask, but nobody would do that voluntarily) a Bananas In Pyjamas outfit that must have been unpleasantly hot, but when there were no customers who wanted to buy lottery tickets, she had to be on an exercise bike. I felt sorry for her, so I decided to buy one single lottery ticket. Then, I asked a lot of questions about the charity, even though I already knew most of the answers, just so that she could get a nice, long break from that d*** bike.

Weeks passed. Of course, I forgot all about the lottery ticket. Then, somebody called me to tell me I had won a prize. When they told me it was from the Sports Relief lottery, I sort of sighed inside, but I had won a half-day canoe trip on the river Wye, which is something we usually try to do every year, anyway.

Sometimes Karma does work. We had a great day on the river.

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