A Limited View On Friendship

| Hong Kong | Friendly | July 30, 2015

(I’m playing an online game where you can add friends to help you. They help in the background, as long as they were online within the past 24 hours. There is also friend limit that I’ve already met and all of them are active daily. I get a new friend request, and even if I click accept it will tell me I’m at my limit and can’t add more. It doesn’t tell the requester, however. I’m used to getting these requests every now and then; I always message the other person that I’m unable to add more.)

Me: “I’m sorry; I cannot accept your friend request as I’m at my limit.”

Other Player: “Can you make room? I’m here every day.”

Me: “No sorry, everyone on my list is already here every day.”

Other Player: “Just remove someone please. I need friends.”

Me: “I’m sorry. There must be lots of others who have space.”

Other Player: “Please, I really need friends. I’m getting five friends a day, even though I send fifty requests a day.”

Me: “Let’s say I remove someone and add you. The next person who sends me a friend request. I’ll remove you and add them. How’s that?”

Other Player: “That’s rude. Why would you remove me?”

Me: “Exactly. And why would I remove someone else to add you?”

Other Player: “Because I’m active.”

Me: *doesn’t respond and blocks player*

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