A Lens Flare Up

| Ottawa, ON, Canada | Friendly | November 28, 2014

(I usually wear glasses and no makeup, but I decide to wear contacts and makeup. I see a friend in the coffee shop.)

Friend: “Oh, [My Name!] Did you put on eyeliner?”

Me: “Well, yeah, a little.”

Friend: “And your eyes… They’re so blue! Are you wearing contacts?”

Me: “Yeah, but they dry out my eyes so I don’t wear them much.”

Friend: “Don’t you wear contacts all the time?”

Me: “No. Just my glasses.”

Friend: “But then how are your eyes always so blue?!”

Me: “Oh! Those are my natural colour. I wear lenses for vision.”

Friend: “If you don’t want to tell me where you got your lenses, fine!”

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