A Legendary Gap In Knowledge

| Victoria, BC, Canada | Romantic | November 16, 2016

(I am telling my girlfriend about a character from a show I like, and how he started out bad but ended out good. At one point they need to blow up a compound, and someone has to stay behind to pull the trigger.)

Me: “So, originally, his friend was gonna do it. But then he knocked him out and told the others to save him, so he could do it instead. And he was all pissed off about being manipulated, so when the enemy came in the room, he said ‘There are no strings on me,’ and pulled the trigger.”

Girlfriend: *blank look*

Me: “You know, from Pinocchio. ‘I got no strings, to hold me down.’”

Girlfriend: “Um…”

Me: “He gets kidnapped by the circus, and they put him on stage with a bunch of strings so he looks like a marionette, but then he bursts out and starts singing ‘I got no strings.’”

Girlfriend: “So he’s a real boy pretending to be a marionette?”

Me: “No, he’s a marionette who wants to be a real boy, kidnapped by the circus, and does a performance where he LOOKS like a marionette, but then bursts out and shows he’s got no strings.”

Girlfriend: “So he’s a real boy?”

Me: “Okay… once this show’s over, we are going to watch Pinocchio.”

(We watched it, she loved it, she thought it was extremely well done even by today’s standards, and she FINALLY understood the reference.)

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