A Lecture On Irony

| Learning | April 14, 2017

(I am in a lecture hall, and the teacher is going over the syllabus. The two girls in this story are sitting directly behind me.)

Teacher: “I will ask that you please refrain from talking during my lectures. It is distracting to me, to you, and to your fellow students.”

Girl #1: *whispering* “So true. If you aren’t going to pay attention, why are you here?”

Girl #2: *also whispering* “Right? Like, switch to a different class. Don’t disrupt the one we’re in.”

Girl #1: “Or just write a note, if it’s really so important. No need to be rude.”

Me: *turned to stare at both of them, not saying a word*

(They noticed me after a couple of seconds, then their eyes got a little wider and they hunched down in their seats. I turned back to the front, and neither of them said another word the rest of the lecture. The next session, I saw them sitting as far away as possible from where I was sitting.)

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