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A League Of An Ordinary Gentleman

| Romantic | January 15, 2015

(I am in a bar with a few of my girlfriends when a really handsome guy walks by our table towards his to join some friends. His phone slides from his back pocket and falls on the floor without him noticing. It must be noted also that I am quite curvy but still quite sporty. I pick the phone up and bring it to his table:)

Me: “Hi, just wanted to tell you that—”

Hot Guy: “—don’t bother. I only date skinny girls and I’m quite out of your league.”

(My jaw drops at the nerve of this guy but I compose myself quickly, put on my best sarcastic face and answer.)

Me: “Fine by me; I don’t date shallow douchebags. Anyway, I just came here to tell you that you dropped this.”

(I put the phone is front of him and the guy turns bright red, while his friends start laughing. I start walking away, turn around and say:)

Me: “By the way you’re not out my league; you’re simply way below it!”

(His friends laughed harder and taunted him on how he got owned. The best part? As I was ordering drinks at the bar a while later, one of his friends came to me and apologized for that guy’s behavior. We had a bit of a laugh about it and he ended up asking for my number. We’ve been dating since! Last we heard about obnoxious guy, most of his friends had stopped hanging out with him because of his rude manners and shallowness.)

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