A Latte Mistakes

Working | September 3, 2013

(I pull up to the drive through.)

Me: “Can I please get a medium diet coke and a latte?”

Worker: “Is that a mocha?”

Me: “Latte.”

Worker: “Thank you; please drive around.”

(I pull up to the window where three employees are standing, and I see a soft drink by the window.)

Worker: “What was your order?”

Me: “A coke and a latte.”

(The worker shuts the window, and leaves. Her two coworkers do as well. The worker comes back and hands me a coffee cup, leaves, comes back and hands me a vanilla ice cream cone, and no soda, then shuts the window.)

Worker: “Thank you!”

(The latte was actually hot chocolate. I end up tossing it out and eating the cone.)

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