A Lack Of Military Intelligence

| Working | October 31, 2014

(I am a female active duty sailor, eating out with my boyfriend. As I order a drink with our meal I give the waitress my military ID to verify my age.)

Waitress: “Is this a joke?”

Me: “Excuse me?”

Waitress: “Do you think I’m stupid? This can’t be real!”

Me: “Um, no, it’s real. Why wouldn’t it be?”

Waitress: “My boyfriend is in the Marines. I know women aren’t allowed to be active duty! This is a fake. You’re probably trying to scam a military discount out of us.”

Me: “No, women aren’t allowed in spec-ops or on submarines yet, but there’s a f***-ton of us in other jobs. I’m an engineer on a carrier and that is NOT fake. Give it back. I’ll just use my driver’s license.”

Waitress: “No can do.”

(She proceeds to whip a massive pair of shears out of her apron and cut my ID in half.)


(A manager that hears me yell comes over immediately.)

Manager: “What’s the problem here?

Me: “Your waitress just cut my military ID in half because, apparently, women can’t serve.”

Manager: “Oh, my god. I’m very sorry, ma’am. Your meal is on us tonight.” *he glares at the waitress* “My office. Now.”

(The waitress got chewed out and we got coupons towards another meal on top of free food. Both my boyfriend and my division officer thought the whole thing was hilarious.)

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