A Labor Of Love

| Romantic | February 7, 2012

(I hate surprises, and my husband knows this. I’m in intense labor with our second child. I don’t want any communication or contact with my husband unless suffering through a contraction. He’s in a chair across the room, on the computer.)

Husband: “Honey, what color do you like?”

Me: “I don’t care.”

Husband: *listing off a bunch of colors* “Just pick one.”

Me: “Leave me alone!”

Husband: “Just pick one!”

Me: “Purple. Now leave me alone or leave the room!”

(He wisely obeys. Two weeks later it is our 6 year anniversary. I open my present and it’s a mini purple laptop.)

Me: “You ordered a laptop for our anniversary, while I was in labor?!”

Husband: “Yeah! I figured between the pain, drugs, new baby and sleepless nights, I could try and surprise you, and you wouldn’t get mad. These opportunities don’t come along often. I’m just glad you didn’t pick an ugly color. You were pretty grouchy.”

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