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A Kind Streak

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I’m a cashier. A mom and a distracted little girl, around maybe eight or nine, come up to me.

I have a streak of blue in my hair, which I have tied back in a ponytail, and some facial piercings that I’ve taken out for my job.

Unfortunately, some people still notice the punctures in my face and gawk or complain about “ruining your face with holes.” I have some thick skin, but as anyone can guess, it’s frustrating that I can’t talk back.

When the mother is done putting everything on the belt, she looks up and makes a shocked expression, before turning to her kid.

Mom: “[Daughter], look. Look at her.”

I’m already bracing myself over being made as an “example” of why kids should stay in school, until…

Mom: “Is that how you want your hair done?”

Daughter: *Looks up* “Yeah! Except pink!”

Mom: *To me* “Sorry, my daughter was just telling me about wanting the same thing five minutes ago. Where did you get your hair done?”

I explained how I dye my own hair but gave recommendations as to what dye and places they could go to get it done. We had a wonderful conversation and the mom/daughter duo gave so many compliments to me that I was practically BEAMING all shift!

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