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A Jerk Response

| Romantic | June 12, 2015

(My girlfriend of a year-and-a-half just got back from vacation a day before, and I refused to see her because I had plans to propose to her the next day. She’s pretty pissed off at me, but I convince her to come out with me under the guise of taking my mother out for Mother’s Day. She walks into the restaurant to see me holding flowers.)

Girlfriend: “Ooooh! They’re so pretty!”

(She takes them from me, and I get down on one knee and pull out the ring.)

Girlfriend: *surprised* “NO!”

(I smile and look back up at her.)

Girlfriend: “I mean, yes! Yes! Yes! Yes! Yes! Yes!”

(I put the ring on her finger and lean in to kiss her.)

Girlfriend: “Is this the reason you wouldn’t see me yesterday when I got home?”

Me: “Yes. Yes, it is.”

Girlfriend: “What a jerk.”

(Both our whole families were there, and my dad caught it on video camera. We’ve watched it a couple of times, and she still blushes when it comes to her having called me a jerk immediately after proposing!)

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