A Hurricane Of Exhaustion

, , , , | Right | CREDIT: SoulessPuppy | October 29, 2020

Two of my coworkers and I get off our shifts from the hospital at 7 am, not long before a hurricane is projected to hit our area. We have been on a long stretch so it’s our last chance to pick up some necessities.

The store is packed and it’s total pandemonium. We are at that state of tiredness where our moods are slightly delirious and giggly. It seems like every aisle, someone wants to chat with us.

On the candy aisle a young dad tells his kid, referring to my coworker:

Dad: “Ask the pretty lady where [item] is.”

My coworker happily helps. We move on and later joke about this man trying to use his kid as an icebreaker to talk to her.

We eventually get everything we need and start heading towards the registers as we hear a lady screaming in panic. We turn around and see she’s literally sprinting at us.

Customer: “MA’AM! MA’AM! I’VE BEEN TRYING TO GET YOUR ATTENTION! I need you to show me where the batteries are!”

Us: “We don’t know.”

Her angry face turns to disappointment and confusion. We keep walking, laughing it off – the lady is acting crazed like most of the customers – and then it hits us.

 All three of us are wearing blue scrubs. That guy wasn’t hitting on us. People weren’t staring at the water in our cart for no reason. We were so tired we didn’t realize all the random comments people had been making to us throughout the store were because people thought we worked there! 

Definitely time to go home and sleep!

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